Chipmunk – Play, Work and Exploration

1-chubby-chipmunkA blog I follow inspired me to share the story they posted and write a blog about Chipmunk. I was very attached to a chipmunk as a child that visited us at camp. He would come and eat peanuts out of my hand and dive into the big pockets of my shirt to retrieve as many peanuts as he could stuff in his cheeks. He continues to be with me, among my platoon of animal guides.

Chipmunk is a wonderful totem because it gives you permission to play and to balance work with periods of just having fun. It is a curious totem and shares that innate curiosity with you. Chipmunks love a good adventure and to explore. Curious and inquisitive, they explore and notice everything that comes into their lives; no detail goes unnoticed. They are inquisitive, fearless and playful. They are quite vocal often drawing attention to themselves.

“Chipmunk spirit animal is a symbol that something good is on its ways to you, something wonderful that delights your heart something that makes you smile and laugh”, according to Presley Love in the Symbolic Meaning of Chipmunk at Universe of Symbolism.

Chipmunks (and chipmunk people) do what they want to do in their own time and will not tolerate being told what to do. Running about; first in one direction and circling back to where they started from. There is no detail that goes unnoticed by the chipmunk as they circle around and see beyond the obvious. Chipmunk teaches the art of observation and appropriate movement … don’t get over-excited though, or you will forget what you set out to do.

When you see a Chipmunk, you can be sure that magic is afoot. Keep your eyes open you may glimpse a faerie.  Chipmunk and fairies appear encouraging you to believe in magic just like you did as a child. (I can attest to this as I use to play with both my chipmunk friend and the Fae at our camp on Lake Onterio growing up. Many a “tea party” and peanut feast … )

Chipmunk teaches the blessing that there are always spirit guides around you, ready to help… but you must first invite the assistance of the spirits, and the instant you do you will feel their presence and can begin communicating your requests.  Again, this is the perfect time for you to ask your guides for signs.

Chipmunk also shows you how to store for a rainy day, protecting you for any future problems. They are nut gatherers, creating a stash for cold winter days. When the chipmunk appears this may indicate it is time to tighten your spending habits, and “storing money away” in your savings account.

Chipmunk embodies the quality of trust. They have little fear of people and are often found in rural areas, city parks and in the wild. If Chipmunk comes into your life, you may want to ask yourself if you are too trusting, or possibly afraid to trust.

From Chipmunk, we can learn how to read the voices of others. Trust what you hear in their voice – volume, pitch, inflection as a way of discerning more about the person than their words reveal. Practice this until it becomes second nature – and always trust your feelings. If what you hear sound wrong, investigate further before committing

Chipmunks have an air of independence and certainty about them. Their inquisitive nature leads them into unexplored territory and their detailed mind leaves no stone unturned. If chipmunk is your totem pay attention to how your energy is being used. Are you thoughts constructive or destructive? Are your fears keeping you from playing and enjoying life? Are you in charge of your life or have you given you authority over to another?

According to Steven Farmer in Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers, when Chipmunk appears in our lives, it is important to keep new projects protected and out of sight during the first 6-week period.

Now, on to the story that inspired to this blog … How The Chipmunk Came To Have Stripes by Bear Medicinewalker. If you like this story, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog.

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